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The American Foundation for Nutrition Consumption Advancement | Dedicated to promoting nutrition education by incentivizing individuals to make healthier food choices.


Did you know that Americans now spend over $4 trillion per year on chronic diseases, many of which are preventable through simple lifestyle changes? Nucona is committed to empowering individuals to make healthier choices by offering personalized nutrition recommendations based on national guidelines. We incentivize positive behaviors with cash back rewards, encouraging sustainable and lasting changes. Through our innovative technology and seamless integrations with retailers, Nucona is dedicated to improving overall health and well-being, one healthy choice at a time.

THE 2023/2024 FOOD REWARDS program FAQ
  • Starting in 2024, Nucona is excited to offer a unique opportunity to up to 2000 participants, who can receive personalized nutritional guidance while shopping on Participants will earn unconditional cash back rewards on all their purchases, with the rewards accumulating based on the healthfulness of each item chosen.


  • What sets this program apart is its sponsorship, which comes from donations and public institutions, ensuring that the interests of the participants are prioritized above all else. This means that every recommendation and incentive is designed to benefit the health and well-being of the participants.


  • To join this innovative program, interested individuals can simply fill out the registration form and install the Chrome extension. Once enrolled, participants can shop at on their desktop to accumulate points and rewards, making healthier choices easier and more rewarding than ever before.

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Sign up to participate in the national food rewards program and receive free nutritional guidance coupled with unconditional cash rewards for up to one year.

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