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the 2023/2024 national shopper rewards program

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How it works

For a limited number of participants in 2023 and 2024, Nucona is offering access to a Chrome browser extension that can assist you with shopping for groceries in real time and reward you for your purchases. Rewards are accrued on all purchased food items, based on the national HEI standards (a scoring system designed by the USDA), which means that the healthier you shop, the more you get paid. Beyond that, we will reward you a certain amount even if a purchase is not deemed "healthy" according to HEI because, for us, your motivation is equally important.

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How to redeem points

You will be able to redeem your reward as soon as you complete the calorie threshold with your grocery purchases, through your provided PayPal or Venmo account. To track your progress, you can look inside the Chrome extension pop up.


Activate Your Account

Install the Chrome browser extension on your computer and create an account.

Shop for Groceries

Shop for groceries on on your computer. We will grade each item you see on your screen and assign rewards.

Use Our Recommendations

Leverage our proprietary recommendation engine to cleverly substitute similar items for higher reward.

Redeem Points in Cash

Redeem your reward for cash as soon as you hit our calorie threshold. We will send your reward to the provided PayPal or Venmo account.

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