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about nucona

Sticking to healthy eating patterns, given a myriad of confusing diets, methods, fads and stereotypes, is exceptionally difficult nowadays. It is no wonder then that 6 in 10 Americans are currently living with one or more diet-related chronic disease, according to the USDA. A few commercial services have made a dent in this pattern recently through lessons, daily encouragement and a fair bit of hand holding. Where those products fell short was the financial as well as the time commitment required to keep going, making health a privilege of the well-off few.


Nucona exists to change this paradigm. We strive to deliver the gift of health to a much wider audience by greatly simplifying the consulting process, all while adhering to the national standards and avoiding fads. 

The uniqueness of Nucona stems from the marriage of health guidance with financial rewards in real time, as the participants shop for groceries online. In other words, instead of charging, Nucona pays participants for eating well. This means for everything one buys online, Nucona pays money back, much like a commercial cash rewards app, albeit with the following core differences:


  • Nucona's rewards are increasing in their contribution to the USDA HEI Score, the largest and most widely studied nutritional evaluation platform in the United States

  • All products and brands are equally eligible... so shoppers are free to stick to their preferred shopping habits

  • Sponsorships come from charity and public institutions, rather than brands... so the participants enjoy the full value of the program and not the commercial sector


As a consequence of our structure and mission, Nucona commits to never promote products which either contradict the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) or result in direct financial gain for its operation. Our end goal is, and always will be, improving the health of Americans by following the research conducted and published by our revered health institutions. 

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